The first time I sat at a pottery wheel I felt at home, It was natural and comfortable. I've been making every day since.

The objects I make feel more like discoveries than designs. I feel very little ownership. Opening a fired kiln is always a mixture of worry and excitement. 

I tend towards straight lines and simple forms. I feel this gives me freedom to experiment with texture, tone, colour, groups and scale. I gravitate towards white and grey but find unexpected happiness in green and blue.

I want to make things that are used every day.  Things that become part of daily routines and rituals. That become part of Sunday morning breakfasts, remind you of a friend, or get placed each night on a bedside table. 

I want to make things that are allowed to change over time. I want the pieces I make to have character, to age, to feel human, not too precise, pristine or mechanical. 

I owe a lot in the way I think, design and make to my past. I'm fortunate to have a background working with some talented people, in garden design with Luciano Giubbilei and ceramics with Billy Lloyd.




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Collaboration images courtesy of Charlott Fletcher, Grain and KnotJim Marsden and Midgley Green



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